Welcome to Morning Church

For those who are new, here are some things you might like to know.

If you’d like to ask a question, make a comment or let us know you’re coming please use the Contact Morning Church form.

How do I get a name tag?
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To encourage conversation and avoid awkward “what was your name again” moments, we print name tag labels each week. When you first visit, we can write your name on a blank label. If you fill in a newcomer’s card we can easily add your name for the following week.

How can I join Morning Church?

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Just start coming! It will also help you to say “hello” to one of the ministers. If you include your email address on your Newcomer’s Card, we’ll also include you on a distribution list for our weekly email – with news and info to keep you up to date. (Obviously you can unsubscribe form this at any time).

After a week or two one of the ministers will get in touch with you to welcome you, get to know you personally, offer help and answer any questions you might have.

When you’re ready to join us as a permanent “member”, simply let one of the ministers know and we’ll include you.

What if I’m not a believer, or not used to church?

Just start coming! We love to have people investigating Jesus, asking questions and generally “checking us out”. Some come for months to just watch what we do, and listen to what we say. We wont put you ‘on the spot’.

How can I get involved?

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The best way to get involved is to come regularly and you’ll start to see how you can contribute to the lives of others, and to the church meeting. It’s also very helpful to join one of our Bible study groups (see separate page). Once settled, we encourage you to start serving in a ministry team.

There are lots of opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings – ushering, sound, computer, morning tea, music, flowers, etc. Gordon Rees arranges rosters for all these things and more. When you’re ready simply ask Gordon to include you.

There are also “mission teams” you can join including ESL, Jesus Club and ministries for children & youth (with appropriate training and clearances).