Moore College Mission Team

During this week we have a team of students from Moore College helping us with  our “Jesus Is ____.” mission. Here are a few snapshots of what’s been happening in the first few days.

  1. The team had a day at Audley with a barbecue, some rowboats and a team building activity. The activity helped them to identify the importance of working together, of relying on others, of speaking encouraging words, of leadership, of helping people find what they can do, and of valuing the contributions of each person.

Pray for the mission team, that they would work well together through the week and learn from each other as they serve in ministry.

  1. SRE is such a wonderful ministry for parents, teachers, students, and even the teachers of the competing ethics classes! During the SRE assemblies in eight schools this week the team has been asking the question “what makes Good Friday good?” One of the things that made Good Friday good is that when Jesus rose on Easter Sunday, he paid for our sins so that we can be friends with God. As Elvis (the puppet) helped the kids to see this in one of the schools an ethics teacher who happened to be in the room too, explained that for the first time she understood why Easter was great.

Pray for this teacher, that she may see her need for Jesus and his message of grace.

  1. What do you say when asked a question by someone who has decades worth of wisdom in the Christian life? That was the challenge facing three students as they visited the Donald Robinson Village at Sutherland. The residents had been wrestling with the theme of Jesus is_____. in Bible studies over the last few months. They wanted to know how they can best approach their friends in evangelism. “How do we hold together truth and grace?” “How can we be true to Jesus without being bigots?”

The students came away thankful for the privilege to be able to meet with these saints who have been following their saviour for so many years. Saints like Arthur, who having spent years in New Guinea as a missionary, completed the sentence “Jesus is my saviour despite myself”.

Ask God to give these men and women boldness as they seek to share the gospel with fellow residents and their families.

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