With two of our link missionary families (the Sholl’s and the Overhall’s) involved, our church is actively supporting MOCLAM. So what is it?

From the MOCLAM website:

“The goal of MOCLAM is to make accessible yet high quality theological education available to Spanish speakers throughout Ibero-America. We offer an undergraduate program consisting of 18 subjects, which have a focus in biblical studies.”

MOCLAM was initiated over a decade ago by CMS missionaries returned from Latin America.

With a lack of good theological education in the region, the Moore College PTC material was translated into Spanish and Moore College in Latin America (MOCLAM) was born.

The Sholl family started leading MOCLAM about 8 years ago and since then the ministry has grown so that now the work encompasses:

  • 13 countries
  • 2000 exams marked each year
  • Missionaries based in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Spain

For many church leaders in Latin America training options are limited or non-existent, resulting in leaders and congregations in danger of drifting from the truth of the gospel.

The MOCLAM material model is making a difference by giving church leaders a more thorough understanding of the whole Bible. The teaching model provides a range of options including traditional correspondence materials, intensive teaching sessions, regular locally led tutorials and online learning environments.

Highlights over the years have included:

  • A group of leaders from a church planting group in north-east Mexico having completed all 18 subjects.
  • Hundreds of students engaged on one nearby island
  • Recent connections with a church network in Bolivia has the team looking forward to many new enrolments from this group.

Pete Sholl is starting to see the fruit of their long term commitment to this work.

Chris Overhall is very thankful for his own theological training and commented that “… with MOCLAM we could be involved in training and equipping God’s people in a meaningful and strategic way.”

How can you support MOCLAM


  • for our missionary families
  • for students studying
  • for God to work in Latin America



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