Mission Today

Missionary—what does it mean in a modern context? Is it an outdated concept?

We all conjure up images in our mind when the word is mentioned.  Perhaps a doctor in the jungles of Africa or digging wells or building buildings in Indonesia or a bible teacher in South America or a teacher of English in Central Asia.

What I have come to see is that there is as many ways as we can imagine to enter another country and be a missionary but for us as followers of Jesus there is only one purpose in doing so –  to share the good news of Jesus in both word and deed.  Hence the concept of a missionary will never be outdated because the gospel is never old or outdated. What a missionary looks like now may on the surface look very different to the past but in fact, the job description has never changed.

So maybe you have thinking and praying  about serving God in this way .  How can you find out more about being an overseas missionary  – the jobs available, the neediest areas, the type of person needed?  My advice?

Pray, pray and pray some more – pray for guidance, pray for wisdom, pray for the world and pray for opportunities

Talk to people – to your minmissionister, youth leader, go to CMS Summer School and talk to missionaries on the field and those sending them.  Go to “Reachout” a unique missionary conference in Katoomba in August each year where 40 different missionary organisations and bible colleges are in attendance. Talk to Narelle and Ian Hadfield (our CMS link missionaries presently serving in Indonesia) when they visit this coming week.

Study: Wherever you may be and whatever you end up doing, taking some time out to concentrate on studying God’s Word can only be beneficial.  Remember there are a
variety of courses and bible colleges.

Pray: Didn’t I just mention that? Yes I did! It’s worth mentioning again and again!!!!

Web links: http://reachoutmissions.com.au/conference


https://www.smbc.com.au/  (Sydney missionary bible college)




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