Martin’s story

Martin Homola grew up believing in God. He went to a church school. “I ticked the box,” he says. “I did good things.” But how knowing God changes one’s life, Martin wasn’t sure.

Amy, now his wife, challenged him to explore what it means to know Jesus. However for Martin, church wasn’t a great experience. He didn’t enjoy it and initially opted to be part of a Bible study group instead. “It was a bit of a battle,” he says. “I’m the kind of guy where you need to earn my trust. I could see Jesus and what he was saying, but I didn’t know who he was.”

After a period of time, Martin was surprised by Jesus. “The thing that stood out to me with Christ, was he was a humble man. When he went out and did these miracles, he always said: ‘Don’t go and tell everyone.’ I still find that odd to this day. He wasn’t trying to convert people through his miracles. He was humble about it.”

Martin began to trust and follow Jesus. That decision changed his view of everything: from work, to family, to church.

“I was a plumber when I first started working,” he says. “One of the struggles of my life has been declaring cash and paying taxes. I began to choose not to do those cash jobs. But ultimately I changed career in part to avoid that temptation.”

Martin also had grown up an only child. He found he was self-focused. But knowing Jesus has helped him ask what is good for others-whether in his family or in church.

Christianity has changed his whole outlook for the future. “Knowing that I’m going to have an inheritance in Jesus’ sacrifice, there’s a different way you go about things. You try not to get too stressed about what’s happening tomorrow.”

Martin attends the Family Church service at 10am on Sundays with his wife Amy, and his children. He’d love you to come and say hi!

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