Luke’s Gospel Has Arrived

Luke's title slides.001

This weekend we kick off our new series in Luke’s Gospel.

If you’d like to know what sections of Luke appear each week, here’s the outline for the weeks ahead as we focus on Luke 15-19…

  • [26th April] – On the Road With Luke
  • [3rd May] Luke 15
  • [10th May] Luke 16:1-13
  • [17th May] Luke 16:14-31
  • [24th May] Luke 17:1-19
  • [31st May] Luke 17:20-37
  • [7th June] Luke 18:1-42
  • [14th June] Luke 19:1-10
  • [21st June] Luke 19:11-27
  • [28th June] Luke 19:28-48

These would be fantastic weeks to invite friends, contacts or those who haven’t been around at church for a while. Every week would be a fantastic week to invite those you are praying would come to know the Lord Jesus. Each week will be a new opportunity for new people to join us, just as in fact happens in Luke’s gospel. People come into contact at different times and in different ways and as he walks the road toward Jerusalem he gathers a crowd.

Why not touch base with those in your life and invite them this Sunday night as we kick off?


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