• Our Youth Service turns 21!

    Our Youth Church had its first service at 5.30pm on Sunday 20th August 1995. Back then the inside of the church faced the opposite way. Our evening service was called “Sunday Night Celebration” and so we called the new youth service “Sunday Night Live”. Later this was contracted to SNL. Only

  • Evening Church Women’s Ministry

    Imagine having honest, Christ-focused relationships with women of all ages & backgrounds. Wouldn’t it be great to read the bible, pray and minister together through every season of life? Praise God that this is happening at Jannali Evening Church! This year it has been our goal to create even more

  • Escotts to England

    One of our aims is to “impact the nations”.  Tim and Naomi Escott are two people who have left us to serve in other places. In 2007-2008 Tim trained with us as a JMAP apprentice, then spent 4 years at Moore College preparing for a lifetime of ministry. For the

  • Singing with Kids

    Kids songs are great! They are repetitive and get stuck in your head. I often catch myself humming along to a kid’s song. Imagine if the kids’ songs stuck in our kid’s heads contained simple truths about God!  I am going to share with you a fantastic Christian musician for

  • Some New Changes For Our Youth Ministries

    A few years ago we began referring to the youth ministries at our church as JAC Youth. With the start of third term we are introducing a new logo to go with the name. The logo will be seen across our various media (programs, websites, videos, slides, brochures, flyers, etc).

  • ‘Pop-Up’ Shop – August

    Our church aims to Impact the Nations. In the past, we have supplied practical help through ‘MAG’ to aid the ministry of the Gospel in Tanzania. Although that particular help is no longer needed, we want to continue to support overseas Gospel Work in a practical way. In place of

  • Our Moore College

    ‘Since 1856, Moore College has been providing in-depth theological training in order to prepare men and women as thoroughly and effectively as possible for Christian ministry and mission.’ It’s been 5 years since I finished studying full-time at Moore College. Moore College is world known for its faithfulness to the

  • The Word online

    Every Monday morning for over 5 years Peter Brennan has come to the church office to process and upload the weekend’s sermons to our website. Few people see Pete’s faithful ministry, but through him God’s word is going out to many people beyond Jannali, and also through time. In the

  • Trusting God In Adversity – 5 (Growth)

    I remember watching a cicada struggle its way out of a shell when I was in pre-school. It seemed to take hours to make just a little bit of progress. The story is told of a man who tried to help a cicada in its struggle by opening the shell

  • The Power of Multiplication – The Power of Training

    A recent reflection from Paul Sampson – Recently Geneva was studying exponential powers in “Math” at the American school she attends.  As I endeavoured to help her with her homework I was reminded of the potential impact of training and discipling. If I train or disciple 10 pastors who then