• Baptism & Confirmation

    On Sunday 8th April, 12 young men and women are being baptised/confirmed in our Evening Church. “Baptism” symbolises what God does in someone when he makes them a Christian. He washes us clean of our rebellion, adopts us into his family and pours out his Holy Spirit on us. Baptism

  • Moore College Mission Team

    During this week we have a team of students from Moore College helping us with  our “Jesus Is ____.” mission. Here are a few snapshots of what’s been happening in the first few days. The team had a day at Audley with a barbecue, some rowboats and a team building

  • The Hadfields in Hong Kong

    During February, Steven, I and our boys were able to visit our friends and link missionaries, Ian and Narelle Hadfield in Hong Kong. It was great to see where they live and work. Let me fill you in on their ministry in Hong Kong. Ian: Ian is now one of

  • Trusting No-one To Trusting Jesus

    Last weekend at church we wrestled with the issues about “Can we trust Jesus Christ?”. Some people find it hard to trust anyone. Lorraine Hiller, a member and pastoral worker in our Family Church congregation, was in that situation. Very kindly she has shared part of her story: How did

  • Jesus is_______ What’s Happening

    In March 2018 we are working together with churches from around the Sutherland Shire, and the Illawarra region to put Jesus on the agenda. Romans 1:16 – I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes. Here are 5 ways you can

  • AGM 2018 – Governing our Church

    Last Monday our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held. An important item on the agenda was to make a recommendation to our incoming Parish Council about whether to proceed with our building plans. After good discussion, the meeting unanimously passed this motion: In light of the pledges received towards the

  • Thursday Church

    Thursday Church is growing! Each week around 30 people meet to hear God’s Word, pray, sing, encourage each other and enjoy a famous Thursday Church morning tea. The service caters especially for those who have reached the stage of life where it is hard to make it to church by

  • Evening Church Weekend Away

    Our Evening Church recently spent a weekend away to explore the topic of prayer. Brett Middleton was our guest speaker and he delivered four talks that challenged us to think about what’s going on when we pray. The first talk struck a chord with many of us. We were challenged

  • The Overhall’s in Chile – Starting Out

    Stef and Chris Overhall, along with El, Theo & 3 month old Nathanael are CMS missionaries in Santiago, Chile. They’ve joined the MOCLAM team, teaching Bible courses that equip Spanish-speaking Christians to read & understand God’s Word. They arrived on January 20 and will spend 2018 learning language & culture.

  • Jesus is______ bigger than you think!

    Over the next 2 months we are working hard to have conversations about Jesus using the Jesus is_____ campaign. We are already preaching, praying, promoting (via shirts etc), practicing our opening lines and looking for opportunities for conversations about Jesus. There are 5 other initiatives that we hope will help