• Hidden Figures

    As disciples of Jesus we are called to serve. We do this in many different ways – sometimes seen and often unseen. This week I took out my phone to capture some pictures of some of the people in our church who serve each week in vital, but largely hidden

  • The Sholls – Ordinary Ministry

    Pete & Sarah Sholl are working with CMS in Monterrey, Mexico. The life of a missionary can sound glamorous, or daunting, or …?? But in her recent prayer letter, Sarah writes that much of what she does is ordinary ministry –  simply opening the bible with the people in her


    I have loved camping ever since my first experience in January 1980. Since then I’ve been on more than 100 week long church camps and over 200 church weekends. I’ve written mission manuals on running church camps and been committed to ensuring that the youth ministry at our church has

  • Podcasts

    Hi, my name’s Tim, and I go to Saturday Church. In the last 6 months I’ve started a new job, which has meant that I’ve had a lot more commuting time than before. One of the things I am really enjoying doing during that time is listening to podcasts. They’re


    Once again we are taking a group of Yr 12 students away for a week at Nelson Bay. This year we have eighteen students joining us from 24th November – 1st December! We stay in a luxury three bedroom townhouses in Nelson Bay. The townhouses come fully equipped and there

  • Ian and Narelle Hadfield in Hong Kong

    The Hadfields are our link missionaries and have been serving with CMS in Hong Kong. In a recent Email they have asked us to praise God for what he is doing there among the many groups as they seek to proclaim Jesus. Narelle gives thanks for the women’s conference held

  • Leaders in Training (LiT)

    Last week, some youth church and evening church members attended the Leaders in Training conference run by Youthworks. Young adults, Jackson Walker and Emma Stewart were each helping lead a group of teenagers through the materials, while others from JAC were delegates of the conference. I asked Emma a few

  • Mandarin Chinese Bible Study

    This month we are launching a new Bible study for Mandarin Chinese speakers.

  • 10 things I love about the Church Working Bee

    I like spring. I like the flowers, the warmer weather, the football finals – and believe it or not – the church working bee. Last Saturday around 65 people of all ages spent the morning working together on jobs around our church property. Here are 10 things that I love

  • FUSE CAMP 2018

    Last weekend 57 students in years 6-8 joined us for our annual FUSE Camp. During the weekend we had a Where’s Wally theme with campers trying to rescue Wally after he had been taken hostage by a team of Fake Wally’s. Dan Clark took us through the opening chapters of