• Superhero Kids Club

    Here at Jannali Anglican Church it’s not only the kids who are excited for the April school holidays but the adults as well.  We are all looking forward to our superhero themed holiday kids’ club on the 16th, 17th and 18th April.  For the kids, it will mean loads of

  • Coledale Camp 2019

    Two weekends ago we had 50 people from our THIRST youth groups at our annual Coledale Camp. We stayed in tents for two nights right next to the beach. The weather was excellent, with just a few showers on Saturday morning. It’s a lovely place with a large grass area

  • Ray & Kat Levy – Marketplace Missionaries in Brussels, Belgium

    By Jenn Phillips Kat and Ray were longtime members of Jannali Anglican Church before moving to London and finally settling in Brussels, Belgium. Kat works as an Education Manager for the largest Language School in Belgium, Ray works as an E-Learning Specialist for a company in Belgium and the two

  • Ian and Narelle Hadfield

    Ian & Narelle are missionaries with CMS (Church Missionary Society), and have been serving in Hong Kong for the last two years. Ian & Narelle’s daughter Beth has also taken work as a teacher in Hong Kong, allowing them to stay together as a family. Ian ministers at St Andrews

  • Evening connections on weekend away

    Drinking flat whites made by our resident barista (thanks Ryan) was once again a highlight of Evening Church weekend away. But even better was the extra time that the weekend gave us to get to know one another. In each of our main sessions we interviewed members of the congregation,

  • Three Dimensional Singing

    For some people, singing feels like a natural, normal and vital part of their church life. A woman at our church comes early every week to listen to the band practice. She almost runs up to church 45 minutes early. For others, it is drag, a three minute break before

  • SRE In Local Schools

    Over the last few weeks, SRE (Special Religious Education) lessons have resumed in NSW Primary Schools. In our local area, 19 teachers and helpers will be teaching 32 classes in 6 local schools. Around 550 students will be in classes every week, many from backgrounds with parents who do not

  • Dalley’s Long Service

    Andrew Dalley has served Jesus in youth ministry at our church for the past 10 years.  A serious dragons fan, “Dalley” as he is known, has an even higher priority in his life – seeing people connect with Jesus and grow to maturity in him. In 2009 he started with

  • Beyond Chairs

    This weekend at church things will look and feel different. Our well worn pews will be replaced by long anticipated and carefully chosen new chairs. On one hand this is not a big deal, as we care about people not furniture. But on the other hand, it is a moment

  • Kids Hope 2019

    Over 500 schools & churches – including Jannali Anglican – are involved in Kids Hope, Australia’s largest early intervention, school-based mentoring program. Did you know that since 2011 our church has been providing caring mentors for vulnerable kids at Jannali Public School? The school nominates the kids they believe would