• Special Religious Education

    Each week faithful and committed followers of Jesus take time out of their busy schedule to teach the Christian faith to children in six of our local schools. This ministry is known as Special Religious Education. Praise God that we currently have 27 teachers who teach 40 classes of about

  • The Sholls – Serving with CMS in Latin America

    What have the Sholls been up to in the 6 months since their deputation with us? Pete Sholl shares a typical week when he travels to teach the MOCLAM course, so you can be encouraged by what God is doing in Latin America. “I’m at Monterrey airport before sunrise. My

  • XII Escape at Nelson Bay

      Once again we are taking a group of Yr 12 students away for a week at Nelson Bay. This year we have 21 students coming away from 21st-28th November and three young families will be with us as well. We’ll stay in luxury three bedroom townhouses in Nelson Bay.

  • Diploma of Bible and Ministry

    Lauren Dewhurst is our Children’s Minster; one of the best in Sydney. She leads our Saturday and Sunday kids church teams, Monday’s Jacks and Skittles, and our large school Scripture Teachers team. I want to invite you to join with us in congratulating her! Lauren came to us as a

  • Thinking About Halloween

    As the end of October approaches, our kids want to dress up and go “trick or treating” around the streets. “Is there any reason for parents to be concerned about Halloween?”  Would you be surprised to hear that it is actually based the practice of Baal worship, sacrifices to demons

  • Our Church’s Giving

    Last weekend Ian Hadfield asked some good questions about our Church’s giving. Here are some answers. There are 3 ways we support causes beyond ourselves. First, we encourage and celebrate many individual members who serve and give directly to many different people, causes and missionary projects. Being largely secret, there is

  • Mission Today

    Missionary—what does it mean in a modern context? Is it an outdated concept? We all conjure up images in our mind when the word is mentioned.  Perhaps a doctor in the jungles of Africa or digging wells or building buildings in Indonesia or a bible teacher in South America or

  • Towards a Better Building

    Over this last weekend our Church Wardens presented an initial proposal to help us think and talk together about what we could do to improve some ‘tired’ areas of our church building. They have asked all church members to complete a survey to communicate any comments, encouragements, concerns, questions, ideas,

  • Praying For The HSC Students

    Across NSW today, year 12 students sit their first HSC examination. We want to encourage them to know that they are in our prayers over the next few weeks. We pray that they remain calm and are able to concentrate during each exam, understand each question, recall what they have

  • Holiday Kids Club

    During the last week of the school holidays we hosted many kids in our local community at our Outer Space Holiday Kids Club! The kids had a blast doing many fun activities and hearing the good news about Jesus. Each day about 120 kids arrived, they were greeted by kids