• To think or not to think, that is the question…

    Winter School for 2015 has focused on the movement of Christianity towards the centre of Roman life in the 4th century AD.* Andrew Barry helped us engage with how the early church operated when it was on the outside and even at times under state-sponsored persecutions. Something not unfathomable for

  • Connection Groups

    Our church aims to pray and proclaim Christ in order to reach those around us. To this end, some of our activities specifically aim to make contact with “those around us” – helping people to connect with us and ultimately (we pray) with Jesus.  For adults these activities include our

  • Movie Review: Inside Out

    With the school holidays now underway there are a number of movies on offer for families including 2 animated films. Minions is a prequel to the popular Despicable Me movies and Inside Out, the latest movie from Pixar. Inside Out takes us inside the mind of an 11 year girl

  • The Sampsons in Kenya

    Living in Nairobi, Paul Sampson works with Carlile College—a mission training college which aims to train people who will preach the gospel throughout Africa, from urban slums to cross-cultural contexts. Paul teaches Bible and Biblical Theology at Carlile College and the Moore College Preliminary Theological Certificate Distance Education Course in