• From Jannali to the World

    There are millions of people around the world, who don’t yet know Jesus. Our church is deeply committed to doing what we can to make disciples of all nations – all for Christ Jesus. We serve Jesus in our own lives here, but we also serve by sending people to

  • The Overhall Family in Chile

    Chris and Stef Overhall and their children, Eliot, Theo and Nathaniel, have been serving with CMS overseas in Chile for the past 16 months. After intensive language learning, they report that they can now ‘mostly’ understand the sermon in church, and carry on conversations with new friends in their still

  • God or the State: Who decides what Christians can teach?

    By Norm & Bec (Saturday Church) Many of us may be aware of the recent pushes to remove certain freedoms from religious schools to teach about sex, marriage and gender from the perspective of their faith. However, what many of us may not know is just how far reaching the

  • Superhero Holiday Kids Club

    Jesus is the ultimate Superhero! He has great powers and came into the world to rescue us from danger and take us to safety. This was the message of our Superhero Kid’s Club held over the 3 days leading up to Easter. Each morning included: A friendly welcome and time

  • Turning 40

    40 is one of those numbers that keeps appearing throughout the Bible. Whether it be 40 days: – that it rained in the great flood (Genesis 7:12) – that it took to embalm Joseph (Genesis 50:3) – that Moses was on the mountain (Exodus 24:18) – that the spies were

  • Miriam Bradshaw

    Later this year (August) Jannali Anglican will be visited by our latest CMS link missionary, Miriam Bradshaw. Miriam was a member of our church for many years and worked as a JMAP apprentice (Jannali Ministry Apprenticeship Program) for 2 years before she studied at Moore Theological College. Whilst there, Miriam

  • Answering Questions

    Whether from Christians or not, adults, kids, those new to the faith and those digging deeper, here are five tips when asked a question: Encourage and thank people for doing so. Acknowledge when you don’t know the answer and then come back to them. Try and show them from the

  • Superhero Kids Club

    Here at Jannali Anglican Church it’s not only the kids who are excited for the April school holidays but the adults as well.  We are all looking forward to our superhero themed holiday kids’ club on the 16th, 17th and 18th April.  For the kids, it will mean loads of

  • Coledale Camp 2019

    Two weekends ago we had 50 people from our THIRST youth groups at our annual Coledale Camp. We stayed in tents for two nights right next to the beach. The weather was excellent, with just a few showers on Saturday morning. It’s a lovely place with a large grass area

  • Ray & Kat Levy – Marketplace Missionaries in Brussels, Belgium

    By Jenn Phillips Kat and Ray were longtime members of Jannali Anglican Church before moving to London and finally settling in Brussels, Belgium. Kat works as an Education Manager for the largest Language School in Belgium, Ray works as an E-Learning Specialist for a company in Belgium and the two