Leah Gorring

We are excited that Leah Gorring has recently joined our staff team to lead our children’s ministry.

Children are very important to God, and also to us. Our children’s ministry includes “Kids Church” on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings, kids clubs (Skittles and Jacks) on Monday afternoons and primary SRE (Scripture) in six local schools. We have around 50 leaders and 20 SRE teachers. We also want to reach more and more children in the area. After a long search for the right person to lead all this, we found Leah!

Leah grew up in Brisbane, then came to Sydney to study. While at university Leah’s friends prayed for her and spoke to her about Jesus. Leah noticed that they were different – and had something worth having. Initially sceptical and a considering herself to be an atheist, Leah began reading the Bible and asking questions.She was gradually persuaded that Jesus was real, and began to follow him as her Lord and saviour.

After university, Leah worked as a ministry apprentice at St Andrews Cathedral, and then trained at Moore College for 3 years.

Leah is gifted in many ways. She knows the Bible well, loves God and people, models the Christian life, relates warmly and loves to laugh!

In her spare time she enjoys being with friends, going to the beach and having a book ‘on the go’.

We look forward to seeing what God will do with our children’s ministry under Leah’s care!



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