Last week we took a group of 18 senior high students to the annual KYCK convention at Katoomba. As usual, we stayed onsite in the camping ground and were thankful to have another good year of excellent weather.

The theme of the weekend was “Standing For the King” and the talks worked through the book of Daniel. There are 6 sessions during the course of the weekend with three speakers each giving two 25 min talks. The talks didn’t cover every part of Daniel, but they did address the major passages and themes of the book. KYCK operates over three consecutive weekends with about 6,000 young people attending. We went to the 3rd weekend.

One of the speakers this year was Brett Middleton. Brett grew up in Jannali Anglican Church and served as a ministry trainee before taking up further training and studies at Moore College. He has been the youth minister at Miranda for a number of years and has always been an excellent preacher.

Our youth were challenged to consider how they stand for Jesus in their daily lives at home and at school. There was a seminar on the Saturday afternoon that all our youth attended which addressed practical issues and ways of standing for Jesus at school.

On the Saturday night, we had a discussion and prayer time in our campsite that was a great encouragement for all the leaders. The past 16 months have been a difficult time for so many in the group.

They have stood by a brother as he faced his own mortality and stood by each other and prayed like no previous generation of snr highs that I can recall. They pray with an honesty before God and each other. They give voice to their heart’s desires in a way that is grounded in Biblical understanding. It really is something to be a part of. After the prayer time I spent some time affirming the spiritual growth and maturity I had the privilege to see developing among them. They have been doing it tough, but they haven’t been doing it alone.

Life in a fallen world is hard and yet God uses it in the lives of those who are willing to trust him and stand for the king. He uses it to develop perseverance, character and hope, which does not disappoint us.

  • Cameron


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