Is there a master plan?

It depends what you mean by a master plan…

We don’t have a detailed specific plan for future development. We envisage that the current proposed improvements and extension will provide a great building for ministry for decades to come.

However, prior to developing the current ‘Building for Ministry’ plan, a small committee including the Minister, Wardens and 3 other people did spend 6 months with our architect working on a conceptual master plan.

The aim of this process was was to consider the best way our site as a whole could be used for gospel ministry, and to ensure that the work we do now wont be regretted by future generations.

The conceptual master plan involves the eventual demolition of the 3 houses on Wattle Road, to be replaced by a new church meeting and administration areas at the front of our block, with an extended lobby providing a main entry from the street. To do this we envisage that the Rectory would also need to be demolished to provide additional parking. The current church building, hall and proposed lobby would remain as the ancilliary spaces. The whole building would form a “U” shape, with entry on the street, and parking to the north. You can download a pdf copy of the conceptual plan here.


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