Introducing Danica Xie!

So Danica, what does a typical week look like for you?
I am a 2nd year med student at UNSW, and work part time as a medical receptionist and tutor. I enjoy going for long runs and am known to be chronically late to class, appointments, group meetings and events. The HIGHLIGHT of my week is Wednesday night bible study and Evening Church because I love being able to learn more about God’s love for us, week in and week out and how we can spread this in Jannali and our own lives.

How did you come to understand and accept what Jesus has done for you?
I have known about God since I was 10 and even Jesus’ death and resurrection from a very young age but didn’t come to accept this truth until I was encouraged to go to my uni’s MYC (Mid Year Conference) last year.

It was here I realised this sacrifice was not just for my personal knowledge and growth and in being cleansed of all that I had done wrong BUT “if you truly loved your friends, you need to share this truth”. Jesus didn’t just die for me but he died for all (2 Cor 5:15). Rather than living to my own agenda I really needed to find out what living for Christ meant and for me it started with sharing the amazing gospel of Jesus!

What has helped you to grow in your faith?
The people God has placed in my life! I am so grateful to the people at Jannali Anglican, Campus Bible Study (uni Christian group), Christian and non-Christian friends alike who continue to spur and challenge me toward love and good deeds.

What has God been teaching you this year through the word?
I have been learning that:

  • growing as a Christian is not an individual thing, as a church we are called to build one another up to maturity in Christ! Fellowship is such a valuable and precious thing.
  • having the fullness of God dwell in your heart does not mean he is a housekeeper that resides in you, it means He is Lord of your being and life.
  • it isn’t possible to comprehend God’s love for us through our feelings -which change depending on our mood, lack of sleep and hunger levels, but through God’s word.
  • God’s love is beyond understanding and it is all part of Christian maturity – continually coming to terms with the length and width, height and depth of Christ’s love.
  • it is not possible to ask too much of our Father (Eph 3:20-21)


Praise God for His wonderful work in the life of Danica and ask him to grow her in knowledge of the truth and a life of love and good deeds!

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