Ian and Narelle Hadfield

Ian & Narelle are missionaries with CMS (Church Missionary Society), and have been serving in Hong Kong for the last two years. Ian & Narelle’s daughter Beth has also taken work as a teacher in Hong Kong, allowing them to stay together as a family.

Ian ministers at St Andrews Kowloon, an English speaking church that serves the Expat & English speaking community of Hong Kong. Due to some recent staffing difficulties at one of St Andrews’ daughter churches (Resurrection Church Sai Kung), Ian has recently taken on the role of interim minister-in-charge of that church until a new minister is found.

Narelle has moved churches along with Ian and is involved in various church ministries at both St Andrew’s and Resurrection Church.

The church move has been a difficult time for them as they have had to suddenly shift focus after building up momentum at St Andrew’s. There is also some sadness and pain at Resurrection Church following the departure of the previous minister-in-charge.

However, Ian & Narelle are thankful that God has given them wisdom for the task, and for the willingness of the church to talk about their concerns and continue God’s work in and through them.

Resurrection Church has had a developing ministry among expat Filipino domestic helpers, who have been among those affected by the staffing issues.

Ian & Narelle have been re-engaging with these ladies. One woman, Bhel, is particularly enthusiastic and Ian & Narelle have been encouraging her and the other leaders to keep going and also include more bible content in their ministries.


· For wisdom in leading Resurrection church and helping them through the recent difficulties

· Thank God for the appointment (almost; just some procedural steps to go) of a new Minister in Charge for Resurrection Church.

· For Bhel and the other ladies that they would grow in confidence in including bible content in their caring ministries.


· Get in touch. Let them know that you are interested in what they are doing inhadfield@cms.org.au.

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