Ian and Narelle Hadfield in Hong Kong

The Hadfields are our link missionaries and have been serving with CMS in Hong Kong. In a recent Email they have asked us to praise God for what he is doing there among the many groups as they seek to proclaim Jesus.

Narelle gives thanks for the women’s conference held recently and the 250 ladies who attended, representing 20 other churches. They also have an outreach ministry to domestic workers in Hong Kong called ‘Home for you’. This is an important ministry as most of the domestic workers are from Indonesia and are Muslim.

Narelle and Ian also lead bible studies. Narelle is excited that 3 new ladies have joined over summer and are really enjoying studying John’s gospel. Narelle praises God for her co leader, Katherine and prays she will be a good mentor to this young woman.

Ian’s group continues to grow and has reached the stage where they need a bigger meeting place. He is also leading a course, ‘Cross and Crescent’ on Islam and 50 are attending. The hope is that as church members are more knowledgeable they will be effective witnesses to the many Indonesians in Hong Kong.

Narelle is part of the team that leads devotions at the local Diocesan Girls Junior School.  It is a 10 minute devotion to 1,000 girls and they have started a series on the parables of Jesus. These are academically the brightest girls in Hong Kong and Narelle’s prayer is that they would use all their gifts to service God and bring him glory.

Their daughter Beth is teaching Year 2 at the Christian International School as well as co leading an evening Bible study group. Beth is also involved in the music ministry of the church and asks prayer for good friendships.

Please pray for the Hadfields in their various ministries and also praise God for the opportunities they have for sharing the gospel.

You can read their latest prayer news here.

Clair Parkes, on behalf of the Mission Committee

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