Last weekend 57 students in years 6-8 joined us for our annual FUSE Camp. During the weekend we had a Where’s Wally theme with campers trying to rescue Wally after he had been taken hostage by a team of Fake Wally’s.

Dan Clark took us through the opening chapters of 1 Corinthians, in which we discovered that God’s wisdom and power is revealed in Jesus and his death for us. Of course, this is foolishness to those in the world who don’t believe. Dan helped us to see that while the people of this world seek to be significant either by achievement, experience or connection with those who are considered to be great, we already have everything we need in Jesus. Trying to add to Jesus actually takes away from Jesus.

The final session challenged us to not shrink back from proclaiming Jesus because we think we aren’t competent enough. The reality is that the power is in the message rather than the messenger. God will do his saving work through us when we are willing to be used by him rather than when we think we need to be good at it.

Activities also included Indoor Climbing and the Waterslide. We were blessed to have the first summer weather of the season with a 34 degree day on Saturday while we weer in the pool and waterslide. Unfortunately, the total fire ban prevented us from having an evening campfire. However, we still went bush and had an excellent Q and A time with Dan before a few spooky stories. We were kept well fed by our excellent catering team and the leaders all did a fantastic job of interacting with the campers, planning the activities, helping each other out, having a good laugh with the youth, praying with them, answering questions and loving the youth in their care.

Thank you to all who prayed for us. It was an excellent weekend with a lovely group of young people. We are aware of two campers who made commitments to follow Jesus during the camp and a number of others who have indicated they have made some significant decisions in their walk with Christ. We consider it a true privilege to be able to partner with parents in raising their kids. Please continue to pray for the leaders in their ongoing ministry to the FUSE aged youth in our church.


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