In September we had our 6th annual FUSE Camp at the Anglican Youthworks’ Telford campsite in the Royal National Park. This year 44 campers attended from years 6-8 at school.

We spent the weekend examining the post resurrection encounters as recorded in the Gospel of John. We were privileged to have four talks delivered by “John” as he explained to us what he wrote down in his Gospel. We heard about four different eyewitnesses and their encounters with the risen Jesus – John at the foot of the cross in chapter 19, Mary near the garden tomb in chapter 20, Thomas in the upper room in chapter 20 and Peter near the Sea of Tiberius while Jesus cooked a fish breakfast over the coals of a fire in chapter 21. Each talk was given in a different location on the campsite to help set the scene for what we were to hear.


The amazing thing about John’s record is that he was an eyewitness for every encounter, but one (Mary and Jesus). This is unique among the Gospel writers. Throughout the final chapters of his Gospel we discover details that demonstrate he actually saw the things he wrote about. John didn’t write everything Jesus did, but he wrote so that we might believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.

By the end of the weekend five campers indicated they believed that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, that he died for their sins and rose from the dead. Each of them prayed, placing their trust in Jesus. One of the campers said, “Everyone thinks I’m a Christian, but I know I’m not. I want to fix that up.” What a wonderful response to the message of the resurrection! Once again we were reminded that God’s word is living and active and the gospel message is still powerful to save some 2,000 years after it was first announced.

During the weekend we also had a Cluedo murder mystery theme. On the Friday evening a body was found partially buried in the sand volleyball court and taken away in a “State Coroner” van for examination (it was a dummy). Meanwhile the campers had to work out where the murder had occurred. The next day we received the autopsy report indicating the cause of death and the campers had to work out what weapon had been used. On the final day the campers needed to determine who the murderer was. In the end, only three campers managed to submit the correct solution to the crime.


Activities during the weekend included watersliding, archery, a campfire and plenty of challenge activities as part of the Cluedo theme. Once again we were well fed by our wonderful catering team and everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Give thanks with us for another excellent camp, for the dedicated leaders, the access we have to terrific campsites,  for the five campers who prayed to become Christians and for the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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