Five highlights from 2017 at evening church

We’re getting close to December, so I thought I’d share my five highlights from this year and being involved in evening church.

1. Weekend Away
This was a great chance at the start of the year to get to know others at evening church. We praised God, prayed and heard his word together. I could not have predicted that evening church people would love boardgames so much!
(Shameless plug for evening church… save the date for weekend away 2018 from Feb 9-11.)

2. Church meetings each week
It is a weekly highlight to gather each Sunday evening. It’s such a joy to see people consistently pour out their energy serving, welcoming and encouraging others in their faith.

3. Open Air Talk 

Ex-Jannali local Tom Batty joined us and talked to a crowd of young adults and our friends about ‘Which God (if any) is the living God?’ The night was well received and we hope to run another one soon.


4. Weekly small groups
Our Bible Study groups through the week give us a chance to dig into God’s word in a more intimate setting. I’ve been able to visit a bunch of groups and have enjoyed seeing different people digging into the Bible together, applying it, and praying through one another’s struggles and joys.

5. The stories
There is always much more that God is doing among us than can be seen. I’ve heard lots of stories of people praying and growing together; stories from other ministries connected to evening church such as Jesus Club and youth and kids; stories of answered prayer; stories of people going the extra mile for others. These are all cause for huge thanks to God for his work.

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