Family Church Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups aim to help us to grow as Jesus’ disciples.

The small groups of 6-12 people can know, serve and be committed to each other in a personal way (beyond the larger Sunday church service).


  • Read and discuss the Bible together
  • Pray
  • Spur one another onward in following Jesus
  • Work together in Jesus’ mission
  • Generally “serve one another in love”

If you’d like to join a Bible Study Group please speak to one of the staff or to a group leader.

Bible Study Groups in 2017 are…

For Women

  • Monday 10am, @ Jannali (church building & with a creche), Multiple groups led by Sandra Fitzpatrick, Jo Rolland, Lauren Askew, Fiona Dewhurst & Jane Lynch????????????????????????????????????
  • Monday 10:30am, @ Gymea, Led by Loraine Hedges & Pam Hanna
  • Tuesday 1pm, @ Kareela, Led by Lorraine Hiller
  • Tuesday 7:45pm, @ Oyster Bay, led by Carol Gilbert & Di Brennan
  • Wednesday 7:30-9:00pm, @ Kareela, led by Amy Homola & Di Brand
  • Wednesday 7:30pm, @ Taren Point, led by Janice Sargeant & Christine Lawton
  • Friday 10am, @ Jannali, led by Fran Hyslop
  • Friday 10:30am, @ Oyster Bay, led by Carolyn Woods

For Men

  • Tuesday 7:45pm-9:15pm, @ Como, Led by David Sargeant and John Shearsby
  • Wednesday 2pm, @ Jannali (Ministry Centre), Led by Neil Fitzpatrick
  • Thursday 7:45-9:15pm, @ Jannali (Ministry Centre), Multiple groups led by Neil Fitzpatrick, Andrew Richardson and Evan Hughes
  • Thursday 7:30pm, @ Jannali (Ministry Centre), Led by John Aitken
  • Friday 6:30am-7:30am, @ Jannali (Church Building), Led by Barry Steele


  • Monday 7:30pm, @ Gymea, led by Steve & Judy Rowlands
  • Tuesday 7:45pm, @ Loftus, led by Kurt & Clare Hilzinger (Men & Women alternate weeks)
  • Wednesday 8pm, @ Jannali, led by Gordon & Kerrie Rees

Events and Teaching Program

24 Dec, 17