• Jesus is______ bigger than you think!

    Over the next 2 months we are working hard to have conversations about Jesus using the Jesus is_____ campaign. We are already preaching, praying, promoting (via shirts etc), practicing our opening lines and looking for opportunities for conversations about Jesus. There are 5 other initiatives that we hope will help

  • Leah Gorring

    We are excited that Leah Gorring has recently joined our staff team to lead our children’s ministry. Children are very important to God, and also to us. Our children’s ministry includes “Kids Church” on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings, kids clubs (Skittles and Jacks) on Monday afternoons and primary SRE

  • Swim between the flags

    Being part of a Bible study group is a bit like swimming between the flags. At many beaches it is dangerous to swim on your own. Between the flags you swim with others, and lifeguards will blow the whistle if you stray into danger, sound the siren if there is

  • Spotlight on Olive Dodd

    Olive Dodd turns 95 on Christmas day this year. During the week she reflected on receiving Jesus as her Saviour when she was eight years old. Having attended Sunday School at St Andrews Summer Hill, she responded to a sermon at an open air meeting. From there she learned what


    A short free introductory course will begin at 7:30pm on Wednesday 31st January @ Jannali Anglican Church. The course goes for seven weeks. Come for the first week to see if this is for you. For more information or to be kept in the loop please contact our assistant minister,

  • Thankful for Sean Balhatchet’s Ministry

    Sean Balhatchet has been such a gift from God! And I am personally very thankful for him. He is a greatly loved and admired member of our Jannali church family, especially at our Saturday congregation and in our kids ministry. I’m not writing this because he is leaving our church,

  • How does our church give to others?

    Our church is committed to local ministry – reaching the people around us, building each other and multiplying disciple makers. However, God is global God; we want to make disciples of all nations and the needs and opportunities are endless. This is why alongside local ministry, we also promote world

  • Appeal Response Form

    Click here to download a copy of the Building for Ministry response form.

  • Appeal Brochure

    Over the weekend of 28-29 October we distributed a brochure to all our members. You can download a pdf version here.

  • Building for Ministry Appeal – Week 4 Video

    Watch the final week of our appeal, including members of family church talking about how they are thinking through their response.