• Sermon Extras – Hebrews 12:1-13 – A Word for the Weary

    Here are a few extra thoughts from Cameron Hyslop in follow up after his sermon on Sunday. If you missed it here’s a link to the sermon audio. Hebrews 12:1-13 – A Word for the Weary – 19th October 2014 – Speaker: Cameron Hyslop Jesus Sat Down Here are a

  • Sermon Outline for 19th October

    Attention all you tablet and phablet users out there… here’s the sermon outline for tonight [19th Oct] as we consider Hebrews 12:1-13. Looking forward to seeing you at 7pm 🙂  19th October Outline.pages

  • Sermon Extras – Hebrews 11

    Here’s some sermon extras for you visual learners out there.We’ve just returned to the final chapters of Hebrews. This link has some amazing visual aids and helps to grasp the message of Hebrews at various points. Enjoy http://visualunit.me/tag/hebrews/ Also here’s the overview picture from earlier this year…

  • Building Each Other
 – A Short Focus Spot for Jannali Evening Church

    What does it even mean to build each other? How do we even build each other? Do we just pat each other on the backs and tell others how well they’re going? Do we just become optimists only seeing the good in people and praising them for it? Do we

  • Sermon Outline for Sunday 12th October

    Here’s a pdf version of the sermon outline for tonight as we get back into the letter to the Hebrews. Tonight we work through Hebrews chapter 11… 12th Oct Outline.pages

  • New Sermon Series Begins this Sunday – Hebrews and Running With Perseverance

    This Sunday we return to the final 3 chapters of Hebrews. Earlier this year we worked through Hebrews 1-10. For sermon audio from that series see the link below. The Supremacy of Christ — http://www.jannalianglican.org.au/talks-by-passage/hebrews.html Hebrews 11-13 are wonderful chapters full of good stuff for us. I am always struck

  • Sermon Extras – Wise for Life: You

    Please find below 3 sermon extras in follow up on from Sunday evening. 1. Video – centre – a video a friend of mind made for the ignite film festival a few years back.   http://vimeo.com/47751231        click the link rather than the image… 2. Solid Rock Video http://youtu.be/dGG-s1dmkkw 3.

  • Sermon Outline for This Sunday 5th October – Wise for Life: You

    For all you tablet and phablet users out there we thought it’d be a good idea to make the outlines for talks available for you each week before Evening Church. So now you can grab the pdf before church and edit it on your device at church. Here’s the pdf

  • Where’s Your Heart? – Wise for Life: Money Video Intro

    Thanks again to Melanie and Matt Beresford for their work here… [vimeo 107882750 w=500 h=281]

  • In the shoes of…

    Name: Maree Jayashree Moses Selvaraj Age: 22 How long you’ve been a Christian?/how’d you become a Christian? It is suuuuuuuuuuch a long story but I’ll do my best to summarise!!! I’ve been a Christian for just under 3 years and I came to know Christ after I spent too long