What is Bible Study Central?

It’s a mid-week bible study group deliberately targeting young adults at Evening Church. It’s an open group for anyone who’d like to join, however, we are seeking to focus on ministry to uni-aged young adults. So people who’ve finished school either this year or in the last few years are most encouraged to join. However, we welcome any who would like to join.

How will Bible Study Central Work?

We will meet on a Wednesday night at the church from 7pm-9pm to study the Bible together. The group may end up being quite large and that’s good. There will be a leadership team set aside to care for each member within Bible Study Central. The plan at this stage is for members to be part of Bible Study Central for 3 years [see below for draft overview for the 3 year series]. Our other Bible study groups within the Evening Church network will continue as normal.

Each week may look slightly different in format but the general idea will be to have,

  • 1 part together as a large group – for a talk or discussion as a big group
  • 1 part in smaller groups – 1 leader for every 4-5ish people. [prayer, discussion, accountability]
  • 1 part relaxed over supper/coffee
  • 1 part together to feedback and reflect

An Overview of the plan at this stage [draft for 3 year cycle – 2015 will kick off with year 2]

3 year draft overview

Why do we need Bible Study Central?

Living in the world for Jesus is tough. There are so many challenges to our faith from within and without. Doubts, questions and struggle are part of the normal Christian walk. Suffering, temptation and pressure to be like the unbelieving world sometimes feels like too much.

Bible Study Central aims to help us understand what we believe, why we believe it and what difference that makes to our lives.

Bible Study Central seeks to provide a firm grounding in the faith for Evening Church members and also to be a welcoming place for new people to join us. Bible Study Central is seeking to prayerfully proclaim the truth of the Scriptures in order to build the people of Evening Church to better equip us to reach those around us and to impact the nations.

It’s my prayer that Bible Study Central will be a powerful ministry to form in us deep theological convictions, Christ-like character and competencies to live in the world for Christ.

So now is the time to plan for Wednesday night Bible Study for 2015. Do whatever you need to do to clear Wednesday night in 2015 so you can be part of Bible Study Central.