Easter Assemblies

This week we had six SRE Easter assemblies in our local public schools. In these assemblies we have all the SRE students from the protestant and Catholic classes gathered together to hear about the message of Easter.

There were two different sets of material this year that were each repeated at a number of schools.

At Jannali East and Oyster Bay the students were presented with the Easter story through the eyes of Peter. Carolyn Woods wrote and narrated the story while one of the teachers acted out the various scenes as the apostle Peter.

There was also a series of pictures on the screen filling out the scenes. With a minimal use of props and sets, this dramatic presentation kept the students focused on the character of Peter and how he was impacted by what happened as Jesus gave his life on the cross and then rose from the dead.

In the other assemblies at Como, Como West, Jannali and Bonnet Bay, Jenn Phillips wrote a presentation that focused on Luke 23 and the story of the two robbers who were crucified alongside Jesus.

With the use of an interactive visual aid of the scene, the students were able to see, in a symbolic way, how Jesus’ death enabled one of the robbers to be forgiven and receive the promise of eternal life.

The schools got the chance to hear the wonderful message of God’s love for us on Good Friday in the giving of his Son. They also heard the message of the resurrection as Jesus came back to life giving us assurance of his power to save.

The assemblies also included singing, Bible readings and prayer.

Give thanks for the opportunity we have to teach the Bible in our local schools through SRE.

Give thanks for the SRE teachers in our local schools and for the Easter presentations this week.

Pray for the students who only hear about Jesus in SRE classes, that they will want to hear more and will come to recognise God’s love for them in him.


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