Back in the 80s, there was an extremely powerful ad campaign that sang words like:

Out in the scrub, don’t be a grub, keep our parks clean. Do the right thing. Do the right thing. Do the right thing.

Most of us have been blessed incredibly and there are many creative ways we can share that blessing with others.

One simple way to “do the right thing” is the food-bag. Every week, members of our church donate food items that in turn are delivered to Riverwood Punchbowl Anglican Church, who in turn share this food with those in need. We are part of a much larger body of Christ. Here’s part of the letter from Riverwood-Punchbowl.

“Dear Friends of Jannali Anglican Church … We are very grateful to you for thinking of our church Food Relief ministry and assisting us in helping others. We have many people in our local community who struggle with the costs of everyday living and often approach us for some material assistance. How wonderful it is to be able to offer a little food hamper to those who would otherwise go without … Thank you for helping us keep our cupboard stocked and for your care for those in need.”

You’ve probably walked past this bin a few times every weekend. Nev Parkes (8am) has written this on a notice near the bin. “You can help those who simply won’t have enough food by putting a couple of extra non-perishable food items in your shopping trolley and leaving them in the container below on a Saturday or Sunday. They’ll be given, without delay, to those in need. Let’s not judge why people are in need, let’s just judge if we are carrying out Jesus’ teaching to love and care for others as much as we love and care for ourselves.”

If the food bin won’t work for you, that’s fine, what is another way you can be generous?

But if it will work, and if you can get your kids involved, let me take a bit of liberty with the 80s ad campaign:

When going shopp’n, please don’t be stopp’n, in loving your neighbour. Do the right thing. Do the right thing. Do the right thing. 


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