Decision to Proceed – May 2017


Thank you to all who participated in our building survey. From 224 responses, 81.6% were in favour of proceeding. Every response was appreciated, and careful note has been taken of all comments and suggestions.

Encouraged by the strong support for the project, the Parish Council was unanimous in resolving to now proceed to further develop the present plan and to seek the relevant approvals.

In light of the main concerns raised in survey responses, we would also like to reassure you of 2 things:

  1. We have been developing a plan to fund the work. We are very concerned not to over-commit the church, hindering ongoing ministry with a legacy of crippling debt. Our intention is that no building contracts would be signed unless the project is fully funded. We consider that the amount of a loan that we could reasonably afford to repay is up to $600,000. Accordingly the balance would need to be fully pledged, and mostly received, before any building contracts would be signed.
  2. We are committed to careful planning, consultation and communication. We need to get this right! Accordingly, we expect progress to be steady, rather than rushed. Our hope is to be able to lodge a Development Application by the end of this year. If it is approved, more time would then be required to determine if we have sufficient pledges to proceed, and to plan the actual construction. Our expectation is that construction would not begin until at least 2019.

Please pray that God will guide and bless this project, and that as a church we would be wise, and remain focused on serving Christ and the people who will use our building for decades to come.

John Manning Ally McKerron Tim Pinnock (Wardens)

Neil Fitzpatrick (Senior Minister)





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