Daniel and Shannon Bishop

Dan and Shan were long term members of Jannali Anglican Church. Dan was an apprentice with us in 2014-15. They have left to study at Moore College and to be student ministers. They’re coming back for a visit to teach the kids at our upcoming Saturday Church Weekend Away in October.  Here are some questions I put to Daniel:

1. What have been the highlights for you both in the last 1.70 years?
The birth of our second boy, Jedidiah, has been the obvious highlight! We love him dearly. We have also enjoyed writing together a Bible study series for Moore-Women on the book of Colossians, with a focus on encouraging one to one Bible reading.

2.Where have you each being growing? And what are you learning at college?
We’ve been challenged by the book of Colossians to grow up in our Christian faith by growing down into Jesus (Colossians 2:6-7). The core message of the gospel of Christ is all we need for salvation and for sanctification.

At college, two main things stand out in which I (Dan) am wrestling with. Firstly what does it mean to be “made in the image of God”? Is it vocational (our rule over creation) or is it relational (reflecting God in the way we relate to each other) or is it both, and where do I ground my view in scripture. And secondly, I’ve also enjoyed studying the book of Ezekiel, and doing an essay on the concept of Sheol in Ezekiel 31 and 32 which is something I had never really dug into before.

3.What are your plans for the next few years?
We’ll still be at college for the next two years (now-2019), the plan is to equip as much as we can before heading out into full time ministry. At the moment we’re thinking a youth ministry position somewhere but our thoughts have been known to change and we have no leads on a position; we’re just excited for the plans God has in store for us.

4.What would you like prayer for?
Please pray that God will give us patience, self-control and wisdom in parenting. Thanks for the great year he has given us so far and that we’d be able to find time to rest well as we travel through second semester after a big start to the year with a newborn, exciting church ministry growth and a heavy college workload in the first semester.

5.What part of God’s work have you been chewing over?
As a family, we’ve been wrestling with the sovereignty of God. Unfortunately, it has been easy for us to forget God’s in control when we’ve been so busy and “new-born tired” this year. But the truth that he’s our loving heavenly father who is still in control is a wonderful comfort during those long nights and tiring days.

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