Come along to our annual carols this weekend!

Come along this Saturday afternoon for fun, food, coffee, and face painting. Roll out a picnic rug or bring a camping chair and get ready for Jannali Anglican Church’s annual community carols event at 85 Wattle Road, Jannali.

From 5.30pm

Sausage sandwiches, drinks, and ice cream for sale. Enjoy fairy floss, coffee and face painting for free.

From 7pm
Everyone seated to be part of the carol singing which will wind up by 8.20pm.

Chris Winton has been organising carols for a while. We asked him: what goes into putting carols on each year?

‘A lot of effort. There’s probably six or seven team leaders and 60-odd volunteers,” he says. “I do the logistics. A lot of time and effort goes into the sound. People start at 8.30am on the Saturday. I take the truck back Sunday morning so it’s almost a 24 hour event. Singers rehearse three times. A whole heap of people pack up as well.’

Says Chris, ‘It seems like a massive day for a two hour event. But you get lots of people coming who are not comfortable coming into church. Everyone knows the carols.’

‘It’s a very non-invasive way to present the gospel and bring people to church and to make connections. A number of years we’ve had people come who have been reconnected with people through carols and come back on a regular basis after that.’

What is Chris most looking forward to this year? ‘I look forward to it all coming together. Seeing people enjoying themselves and hearing the gospel will be excellent.’

Chris got started a number of years ago helping with carols, when Saturday night church minister Andrew Barry asked for his help.

‘Andrew said, “I hear you’re the man to help mark out carols on the lawn; last year we used a hose.” I said, “Yeah, we need to use a line marker.” Andrew said, “What’s that?” I said, “You mark the line and they fade after a few weeks.” Andrew said, “Let’s do that!’”

The following year Chris was in charge of logistics!

We look forward to Saturday afternoon, and can’t wait to see you there!

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