Coledale Camp

Last weekend we had 43 students from years 9-10 come away with us to the Coledale Beach camping ground. This is an annual camp for our THIRST youth group. We stay in tents for two nights right next to the beach.

Although the weather was excellent, sadly the beach was closed due to rough seas. We did manage to swim in the rock pool around the southern headland which was lovely in the heat of the day on Saturday.

Activities included various card games, beach walks, acrobatics, glow in the dark beach games and the traditional game of Spotto. A few of the more experienced surfers had the chance to catch some waves on the Sunday morning after the surf had settled down

This year we worked through the book of Isaiah. It’s a wonderful book and has been described as “the fifth Gospel” and “the Romans of the Old Testament”.

At 66 chapters in length, we didn’t cover everything. Instead, we had a highlights package with attention being given to 11 significant chapters. There were five talks, two discussion groups and one personal Bible study.

During the course of our exploration, we discovered God’s plan for his people which would be accomplished through his servant. Along the way we encountered :

the God who confronts (Ch 1)
the God who judges (Ch 2)
the God who rules (Ch 6)
the God who comforts (Ch 40)
the God who suffers (Ch 52-53)
the God who satisfies (Ch 25 & 55)
the God of change (Ch 61)
the God who demands a response (Ch 65-66)

On the Saturday evening in one of the year 9 girls discussion groups, 4 students decided to commit their lives to Jesus. Two of them had prayed for forgiveness in previous years. However, one of them said, “I didn’t really understand what I was doing back then. But now I get it!”

Give thanks for the power of God’s word to save. Isaiah 55:11 says so My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.

Please continue to pray for the 4 students who placed their trust in Jesus and for those who where challenged to respond to what they heard.

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