Coledale Camp 2019

Two weekends ago we had 50 people from our THIRST youth groups at our annual Coledale Camp. We stayed in tents for two nights right next to the beach.

The weather was excellent, with just a few showers on Saturday morning. It’s a lovely place with a large grass area between our tents and the sand.

Activities included various card games, rock shelf walks, acrobatics, glow in the dark beach games, the traditional game of Spotto and of course swimming.

This year we worked through the “You, Me and the Bible” course from Matthias Media. It takes you through the key themes of the Bible in six sessions and is designed for people to be able to do it 1:1 with someone else.

We invited the group to pair themselves up with those they didn’t know very well. Some sessions we grouped two or three pairs together and some they did the material 1:1.

During each of the six sessions we also interviewed various members of the group about their faith. A few youth also interviewed each other.

Here’s some of the feedback we received from the youth:

“I loved the way the Bible passages were the focus of the discussions.”

“The time spent 1:1 really helped me to get to know a new friend.”

“I think I could do this with a friend I have at school.”

And here’s some feedback from a few leaders:

“It was so good to see the youth pairing up with people they didn’t know very well and then having ongoing conversation in free time.”

“Coledale is the best for building relationships in the THIRST group. Hopefully we see the ongoing effects in the group on Friday nights.”

And here’s some feedback from people who were camping nearby:

“You guys are the best advertisement for Christianity I’ve seen in a long time.”

“You have a beautiful group of young people. Look at them talking together. None of them are on their phones.”

Give thanks for the Coledale Camp and the way the youth responded to the Bible material. Pray it will carry on in the THIRST group and they will have courage to try it with a school friend.

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