Coffee After Dark — the washup

IMG_0093On Wednesday Night the first Coffee After Dark night took place. It was a great time meeting together. The night was an effort at connecting young adults for life.

This has 2 aspects in view.

  1. Connecting young adults to life in Jesus Christ
  2. Connecting young adults for life together

Our modern world has seen a marked decline in a sense of local community. As part of Evening Church ministry we sought to create a space for young adults to get together and connect. It was a great time. We had people present from Evening Church and some invited guests also. We ate cronuts and drank good coffee. We had live music performed. It was a really welcoming and conducive atmosphere for building community and welcoming in new people.

On the night we focussed on the topic — ‘Living for More than the Shire-Life’. We saw a short video testimony of a Shire surfer who follows Jesus. His story can be found here. We also considered Jesus’ short teaching story in Luke 12 about the Rich Fool. In Jesus’ short story we learn that one’s life is not found in the abundance of their possessions.

The man in the story is a fool because he pursued all the wrong things at the expense of pursuing God. In the story the man was called a “fool” by God because he’d sought security, comfort and meaning in storing up possessions for himself. He’s a fool because he can’t take these things into eternity. The short story shows us that life is more than stuff.

Something that we all know deep down. Rather, life is found in knowing God through Jesus Christ.

The pressure of Shire-life tells us that we ought to pursue health, happiness, home, holidays and career. The pressure in pursuing these is overwhelming. Jesus’ corrective reminds us that a life centred on these is foolish. To be wise and eternally so is to centre our life on knowing God through Jesus Christ. We heard the great message that Christ died for people like me and you who often give in to the pressure to live for what this world can offer us and not for God.

Jesus as the risen Lord offers something lasting… something even after death! Can health, happiness, home, holidays or careers do that?

*Here’s a few photos of the night…

IMG_0089 IMG_0091


IMG_0076 2




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