“You want me to go to “school” in summer?? Why would I do that?!”

Summer School is an annual CMS conference in Katoomba, aiming to encourage, educate and support missionaries, and supporters alike, in their Christian life.

Each day has talks and missionary sessions in the morning. Afternoons are free to enjoy the Blue Mountains. Then there are evening sessions with topical speakers and missionary interest spots.

The week includes a great children’s program from Creche to year 12

Here are some thoughts from people in our church who’ve been going for years, and some first-timers….

Steven Woods – Summer School is NOT school. There are a variety of teaching styles, sermons, sessions with missionaries, and guest speakers on particular topics. We spend meals and afternoons with family and friends – living and showing the importance of biblical learning.

Kate Steele – “Summer School, is like the best experience of your life”

Andrew Dalley – “I like hearing from the missionaries – not just our links, but other missionaries too. Hearing about their struggles and what life is like in different countries really helps with praying for them

Penny Steele – I was a bit nervous – I thought it would be very intense. But it was more like a holiday. The missionary electives were my favourite part. Hearing from missionaries about life on the field was really encouraging.

Abie Swanepoel – We went for 2 days. The teaching was great, and the format very relaxing. The missionary sessions were good because they talked about applying God’s word to life on the mission field, and at home.

Christell Swanepoel – Solid teaching in the morning and just enjoying church family in the after was a great mix. Meeting with other Christians and being part of a bigger family was lovely. The program sounds full-on, but in fact it was very relaxing with plenty of breaks and time to enjoy the mountains.

Lachlan Steele – The talks assume that you know the gospel, so you get challenged at a deeper level about your walk. And there are heaps of wise, godly people with ministry experience that you wouldn’t normally get to chat to.

If you are interested in Summer School now is the time to act.

Information and applications can be found at the website

Families need to register by mid September for the kids program.

And of course there’s accommodation – campsites and houses are available.

Why not ask our interviewees or email if you’d like to know more.

Barry Steele – on behalf of the Missionary Committee

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