Bible Study Central

The first few years after school can be a challenging time. It is a time of transition from the structured world of school life, to the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life. It is a time when Christian youth are subject to many temptations, and exposed to much worldly thinking.  It is also a time of formation – asking the big questions, and establishing patterns of adult life.

Bible Study Central is an Evening Church Bible study of around 30 young adults. People finishing school are encouraged to join, and to be part of the group for 3 years. The aim is for young adults to stand firm, and grow strongly towards maturity in Christ.

Each week, after starting all together for some teaching or training, the group divides into 3 smaller groups for Bible study and prayer. Then they all get back together for supper in the Rectory.

The group has a 3 year teaching/training plan to cover the main books of the Bible, address the big issues of life, and equip young adults to be lifelong disciple makers.  Each year at least one term is set aside for training courses.

This term the group is reading the book of James, and working together at personal evangelism. To help reach their friends with the gospel, they are hosting an event on 20 September – Which God, if any, is the real one?

Please give thanks for Bible Study Central. Please pray that God will use it to establish and strengthen each of the members in Christ.

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