Baptism & Confirmation

On Sunday 8th April, 12 young men and women are being baptised/confirmed in our Evening Church.

“Baptism” symbolises what God does in someone when he makes them a Christian. He washes us clean of our rebellion, adopts us into his family and pours out his Holy Spirit on us. Baptism is a sign of God’s invisible work in bringing someone to repentance and forgiveness in Jesus. 

“Confirmation” is when those baptised as babies confirm for themselves the promises made on their behalf by their parents. 

The confirmation and baptism service provides and opportunity for each person to publicly declare their allegiance to Jesus, their rejection of all that is opposed to Him, and their commitment to the Christian Faith. Our regional bishop (Peter Hayward) will preach, and pray for God to strengthen each person to continue living for Christ in all of life.

Those being baptized/confirmed are – Leah Gorring, Rachel Fitzpatrick, Luke Hunnisett, Mackenzie Jackson, Sean Kirkland, Lachlan Magrath, Taleah Mckelleher, Jordan Nicholls, Georgia Rollason, Caitlyn Schlenker, Blake Shearsby and  Mikayla Winn, 

This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate God’s work in the lives of these people, and to support them. Even if you can’t be there on Sunday Evening, please give thanks to God and pray that each one would continue to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.

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