Baptism and Confirmation

Last Sunday night our service of baptism and confirmation was a great testimony to the power and goodness of God.

Eighteen young members of our church publically confessed their faith in Christ Jesus. They each stood and declared “I turn to Christ”. Then together they proclaimed that they:

  • Repent of their sins
  • Reject selfish living, and all that is false and unjust
  • Renounce Satan and all evil
  • Will strive, with God’s help, to live as disciples of Christ until their life’s end, loving God with their whole heart, and their neighbor as themselves.
  • Confess the Christian Faith expressed in the Apostle’s Creed

The group included 6 who were baptised in the service and 12 who confirmed the commitments made for them when they were baptised as babies. The full list is: Taj Abrahams, Mia Asplin, David Barry,  Lewis Bridge, Bree Dawson, Wesley Hughes, Liam Kelly, Lara Knight, Jackson Knoblauch, Sarah Lynch, Keeley Pernice, Claire Raymond, Ellen Shearsby, Morgan Tsang, Jonah Van Waart, Nathanael Walker, Brayden Ward, and Olivia Wood.

Half of the group have grown up in our church, and half joined our youth ministry as teenagers.

Most are in year 11 at school, while 4 are working or studying post-school. It was a particular joy that two of the young women have turned to Christ near the end of their school life.

We were blessed to have Archbishop Peter Jensen preach from Philippians 1:21 – To live is Christ and to die is gain. Peter shared that this was the verse preached on at his own confirmation 61 years ago, and that it has been his personal motto ever since. To say to live is Christ means that we are saved by Christ, we live in Christ and all of life is now for Christ. And how can it be gain to die? We will be with Christ, like Christ and spend eternity living for Christ. You can hear Peter’s talk here.

Please join me in giving thanks for God’s work in the 18 young people who confessed their faith, for their families and friends and for our church’s ministry to children and to youth. Please pray that God will keep each one strong in their faith, throughout their lives.


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