Jannali Ministry Apprenticeship Program (JMAP)

The Vision

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for the whole world. At Jannali Anglican Church we seek not only to reach people around us, but to “multiply disciple makers”.  JMAP invests time, money and ministry effort in suitable young men and women to prepare them to leave Jannali to serve Christ in other places. The aim is to send godly and competent gospel workers to be evangelists, church planters, pastors, chaplains and missionaries for a new generation.

The Program

Using the “MTS” model, apprentices receive personal instruction and coaching from experienced ministers. The training is full time and normally over two years. The heart of the training is practical ‘hands on’ ministry, built around prayer, the Bible and love for people.  This is ideal preparation for formal theological study, and also a chance to ‘test the water’ before diving into a long term commitment.

Past JMAP Apprentices

Hear what our past apprentices have to say about their JMAP training:

Daniel Bishop
Apprentice 2014-2015
Currently studying at Moore College

“JMAP was a great opportunity to learn more about God and how to serve his purposes within a great team which is full of diverse gifts and talents. JMAP has given me a wide range of experiences that have helped prepare me for future ministry and has enriched my bible college experience as I have experiences to draw from through JMAP that matches the theory I’m studying. What a wonderful blessing it has been.”

MiriamMiriam Bradshaw
Apprentice 2013-2014
Currently studying at Moore College
As someone who wanted to go straight to Bible College, I’m so glad I didn’t! JMAP enabled me to experience full-time ministry, both the highs and the lows. It’s been an incredible opportunity to have such wise men and women instruct me in ministry competency, sharpen my convictions about God’s Word and help forge my character as a Christian. For anyone seriously considering long term, full-time gospel ministry, JMAP is a must…”

meaganMeagan Bartlett
Apprentice: 2010-2011
Women’s Worker at Lane Cove & Mowbray Anglican

“JMAP gave me a lot of experience in different areas of ministry whilst also knowing I had the full support of the church staff. It was a great preparation for Bible College.”

mattberoMatthew Beresford
Apprentice: 2010-2011
“The JMAP program has trained me, taught me about myself, has developed my love of God, His people and has helped me to know how I can best serve Him with my life.”

Tim Escott
Apprentice: 2007-2008
PhD Student in England

Chris Overhall
Apprentice: 2006-2007
CMS Missionary
Ministry training at Jannali was great! I was given first hand experience and training in serving Christ and his people. It helped confirm that I wanted to serve in full-time ministry long term.”

Lindsay Wagner
Apprentice: 2006-2007
Working: Speech and Language Therapist

“The apprenticeship program achieved exactly its intention for me – it enabled me to take 2 years off from secular work to think seriously about full time ministry. Being included in the staff team, working in the church and assisting the Chaplain at Danebank Anglican Girls School enabled me to experience teaching the bible in different contexts, providing pastoral care to women and being part of the staff team. I’ve returned to work as a Speech Therapist having been able to make an informed choice about full time ministry.”

Dave Fell

Apprentice: 2003-2004
Senior Minister, Church of England, Norfolk Island

Brett Middleton
Apprentice: 2003
Minister, St Luke’s Anglican, Miranda

David Lankshear
Apprentice: 1998