More Answers to Common Questions – November 2017

Here is a list of further FAQs, not included in the brochure…

What street presence will the new building have? 

Our building was originally designed for a battle-axe block. That is why the entry is partially obscured, the foyer is small and the parish room is at the back. We are however no longer restricted by the battle-axe block, but have the yard and a partially opened street presence. The new foyer/community space will present a far more obvious, spacious and warm welcome to our community.

The office and ministry centre will continue to separate our building from the street. Having recently renovated both houses demolition of these was not considered to be a good use of resources. The new plan does however include new signage and a pergola structure near to the street to highlight our presence and provide an inviting pedestrian entryway between the office and ministry centre.

How much is our building used?

Our building is used by significant numbers of people every day of the week. Along with our five weekend services and associated programs for children and youth, the building is also used on a regular basis by our Ladies Bible Study and kids’ groups (Mondays), Playtime (Tuesdays), ESL & Bible Study Central (Wednesdays), Thursday Church and Jesus Club (Thursdays), Youth Groups (Fridays) and various small Bible Studies through the week.

Will we lose some of our yard?

Part of the southern end of the present yard will be covered with the new lobby. With the ability to open this as a verandah, it will provide a wonderful area for people to find shelter and comfort, while still having access to the grassed area. The new stairs will also create an amphitheatre-styled area where people can sit and talk. To compensate for the loss of some grass space, the eastern fence will be moved closer to the office building.

How would the church meeting area change? 

The new plan has seats facing in the same direction as at present. The main change will be opening half of the rear wall to the new foyer/verandah. In addition the plan envisages a smaller stage platform, new cladding for the front walls, redesigned sound and lighting, closing the two sets of doors on the front wall, and construction of a new cry room.

How many more people will fit into the building?  

This project is not intended to increase the capacity of our building, but to improve the associated facilities. A redesigned layout of the main meeting area will however enable more people to be seated in better positions for engagement.

Haven’t we just done a lot of building work?   

Over the last decade we have completed some significant projects to make the most of our land and other buildings. In 2008 we purchased the house at 89 Wattle Road. In 2010 we constructed our present yard, laid the concrete paths and transformed the two old houses to become the office and ministry centre. In 2014 we completed the ‘toilets for all’ project, upgrading our church toilets. Each of these projects was planned to provide the best value for money, making the most of the existing land and buildings. However, apart from the toilets and superficial ‘spruce ups’, little work has been done to our church building since it was opened in 1983.

Does the church have any existing debts?

No. The money we borrowed to purchase the house at 89 Wattle Road has been fully repaid.

Can the work be staged?   

Our advice is that there are significant cost savings from having the builders complete all the work at one time. However, there is scope for helpful staging to minimise disruption to our use of the site.

  • Some elements of work planned for the church meeting area (eg. a new stage and chairs) could happen immediately.
  • Most of the work on the new section (to the east of the current meeting area) could be completed prior to work on the current building.

Our Development Application will seek approval for occupation of completed sections prior to completion of the whole project.

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