An update on the Hadfields

5 months ago Ian and Narelle Hadfield moved to Hong Kong to serve at St Andrews’ Anglican Church, Kowloon. While adjusting to their changes, Ian and Narelle are excited to see others making eternal changes such as Lin-Lin.

A selection of Chinese gods


Eternal changes
After hearing about Jesus at St Andrews, Lin-Lin decided to stop serving her family idols and give her allegiance to the true and living God. The following Saturday Lin-Lin rid her apartment of idols (two garbage bags full).


Church in Jannali and Kowloon have its similarities. At Jannali we recently witnessed 15 young people declared their faith in Jesus and be baptised. In February, 40 people publicly declared their faith in Jesus and were baptised at St Andrews. Praise God for everyone baptised in both churches (and around the world) so far this year.

Resources to share
Check out St Andrews website, have a listen to a sermon, or see what’s going on in our extended church family.
St Andrews recently hosted the INSPIRED exhibit, which celebrated the most banned and beloved book of all time – the Bible. Check out the INSPIRED exhibit here.
Download the 40-Day Lent devotional written to accompany the INSPIRED exhibit here.

Some of the items on display at the INSPIRED Exhibit


Pray for Ian and Narelle Hadfield

Narelle asks for prayer for discernment about who to build relationships with, and finding others to meet with to mutually encourage each other in Christ.

An exciting change for Ian this year is the arrival of a new associate minister at St Andrews, Reverend Alistair (Al) Gibbs who has taken responsibility for Bible Study/Small Groups leaving Ian responsible for:

  • partnership, parenting and marriage courses;
  • the Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC);
  • training  people for pastoral prayer;
  • marriage mentors;
  • weddings, funerals and baptisms;
  • men and women’s ministries; and
  • supervising 3 part time staff and an apprentice.

Please pray for wisdom for Ian as he selects leaders to help him in his ministries.

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