AGM 2018 – Governing our Church

Last Monday our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held.

An important item on the agenda was to make a recommendation to our incoming Parish Council about whether to proceed with our building plans. After good discussion, the meeting unanimously passed this motion:

In light of the pledges received towards the Building for Ministry appeal, and subject to our Development Application being approved, we encourage the new Parish Council to proceed towards construction of the proposed building works, seeking to raise the additional funds needed  and taking due care to complete the works within the proposed budget and scope.  We also recommend that a detailed cost management plan be prepared during the planning process to enable the costs to be effectively managed.

At the AGM we also recognize those who’ve served faithfully in governing and administering our church, and elect people for the year ahead.

Our wardens are godly men who have a deep commitment to Christ and the mission of our church. They are skilled in leadership and management to take responsibility for overseeing the administration of our property and finances.  For the last 3 years Ally McKerron and Tim Pinnock have served as wardens, and done a great job in launching our ‘Building for Ministry” project. This year’s wardens are John Manning (Family Church – continuing), Ryan Broom (Evening Church) and Paul Johnston (Saturday Church).

Our Parish Council includes the wardens and 8 others. Its role is ‘governance” (similar to a board of directors). Its main tasks are to ensure that we comply with our moral and legal responsibilities (eg. safe ministry, risk management), to set stipends and allowances of ministers, to exercise authority over the warden’s administration of finance and property and to ‘confer’ with the minister about significant ministry decisions.  This year our Parish Councillors are Loraine Hedges, Jodi Petty & Aidan Stanton (Saturday Church); Lauren Askew, Phil Dewhurst & Gordon Rees (Family Church); Nicole Tindale & Emma Wilkin (Evening Church).

Our “nominators” have a vital role to play if/when we need to find a new Senior Minister. They find a suitable man and “nominate” him to the Archbishop for appointment. Our nominators are Cameron Ballantine Jones, Jenny Dossetto, Norman Lee, Gordon Rees and Steven Woods.

This year Max Owen continues to serve as treasurer and Graham Boyd has been re-elected as our auditor.

Please pray for these people.

  • Thank God for their willingness to serve
  • Ask God to equip them to make good decisions that promote godliness and the spread of the gospel.
  • Ask God to keep us focused on the task of praying and proclaiming the gospel to reach people around us, build each other and multiply disciple makers.

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