A window to our church

The results of the 2016 National Church Life Survey are out.

In September 2016, 349 adults (15 and over), along with 101 children and youth (aged 8-14), completed the survey.

Here is some of what the survey revealed about us (those of us 15 and over):

  • Our average age is 44.
  • 26% are new to our church in the last 5 years. (8% from not attending any church 5 years ago, 18% from other churches).
  • 75% are involved in small groups.
  • 87% reported a strong sense of belonging.
  • The top 3 things we value about our church are preaching/teaching, small groups and ministry to children and youth.

In our spiritual life:

  • 92% said God was either “the most important reality in my life” (70%) or “more important to me than almost anything else” (22%).
  • 40% reported experiencing “much growth in faith” over the last year, and a further 48% reported “some growth”.
  • 69% spend time in private prayer, Bible reading or meditation at least a few times per week.


  • 82% are satisfied with what is offered for their own age group, 94% with what is offered for children, and 89% for youth.

The survey of children (8-14) revealed that 97% like their group/activity always or most of the time.

While these numbers are useful for understanding some features of our church as a whole, it is each person who matters most, and God’s work in each. Please pray that as a church we will love God and our neighbours, as we pray and proclaim Christ to each other and to the people around us who don’t yet know him.

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