267-321 – embarking on a new year of personal prayer commitment

267-321.001 267-321 is a simple and easy way to assist our intentional praying for those around us to progress in their knowledge and walk with the Lord.

If we really believe Jesus is Lord of all, then we ought to yearn for those around us to grow in love for and service of him. Whether they are already people who have received him as Lord or are people yet to receive him as Lord, or even people you don’t even know as yet. That’s what 267-321 prayer is all about.

Colossians 2:6-7 says,

6   Therefore, as you have received  Christ Jesus the Lord,  walk in Him,  7 rooted and built up in Him  and established in the faith, just as you were taught,  overflowing with gratitude. [HCSB]

This simple and easy approach to praying seeks to help us intentionally pray for 3 people, twice a week for 1 year. That’s the 321 part… that these 3 people would grow in living with Christ as Lord and walk in him as faithful disciples into mature Christians.

Cards are available from the welcome desk at Evening Church every week. May we commit to calling on our heavenly Father to do this in and amongst us.






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