10 things I love about the Church Working Bee

I like spring. I like the flowers, the warmer weather, the football finals – and believe it or not – the church working bee.

Last Saturday around 65 people of all ages spent the morning working together on jobs around our church property.

Here are 10 things that I love about the working bee…

  1. Seeing people dressed in all kinds of work gear. Some are hard to recognize!
  2. People’s hearts – willing to give time and talents to serve the ministry of our church.
  3. Actually doing the work. There is a satisfaction in doing it with others and for others, beyond what I experience when doing my own work at home.
  4. The fabulous morning tea we enjoy, and the conversations over it.
  5. The interaction between young and old, and between people from different congregations.
  6. Seeing what some people can achieve with the right equipment and know-how.
  7. Being amazed at Mel’s amazing skills in organisation.
  8. The powerful witness that our community life and commitment is to our neighbours and passers-by.
  9. Knocking off a long to-do list in one morning. Many hands make light work.
  10. The pleasure of collapsing onto the couch in the afternoon to rest my weary bones.

Please join me in giving thanks for those who were able to serve at this year’s working bee, and for all the work that was accomplished.


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